Companies in every sector are undergoing a seismic shift in the ways that they approach problems, deploy solutions, and ensure operational continuity. While these changes have many manifestations, it is most acutely seen in the rapid transition to a hybrid workforce that includes on-site, remote, and distributed workers.

While recent global events have become a catalyst for the rapid move to remote operations, this shift has become a necessity for operational technology (OT), as on-the-ground realities dictate it, and new efficiencies demand it.

In this OT environment, remote operations capacity is a must-have feature for companies equipping a hybrid workforce for near and long-term success. Unfortunately, many organizations are not prepared to implement this capability without incurring significant costs, workplace disruptions, cybersecurity risks.

XONA’s zero-trust user access platform closes the gap and brings the control room to you. Tailored for operational technology (OT) sites, XONA gives companies the technology needed to meet the moment without compromise by allowing them to be more adaptable, efficient, and cyber-secure.


During this transitional time, organizations need the tools to equip a hybrid workforce for the challenges and opportunities ahead. XONA’s platform will:

  • Empower a distributed workforce with remote operations capacity.
  • Maintain business continuity in any environment.
  • Attract and retain a mobile-first generation of employees.


Reduced revenues and shrinking budgets will be a significant challenge for the foreseeable future. Remote operations capacity equips organizations to develop need efficiencies, including the ability to:

  • Access and optimize a global talent pool.
  • Monitor and maintain decentralized and multi-site infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs associated with on-site facilities management.


Cybersecurity is a bottom-line issue for every organization. Distributed workers and remote work environments pose particular threats that must be addressed. Our platform comes cyber-secure so you can:

  • Provide a safe OT environment for remote and on-site workers.
  • Operate with a zero-trust user access platform for critical infrastructure.
  • Protect critical data with multi-factor authentication and moderated secure file transfer.

See XONA in action, and bring the control room to you.

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