Add a Xona Systems user with Yubikey in less than ten minutes

Enrolling a new Xona Systems User to authenticate with a YubiKey

Add a new Xona ‘User’

Xona CSG Administrator clicks “Add User”, enters user information and clicks “Save”.

Edit the new User

Xona CSG Administrator clicks “View Users” and then clicks “Edit”. Notice the “User Agent” field is Null.

Enable MFA

Xona CSG Administrator clicks “MFA Enabled” switch so that it is ‘On’ and it turns blue.

Enable the User Account

Xona CSG Administrator clicks “Account Disabled” switch so that it is ‘Off’ and grayed-out. Note logic, “Account disabled is False”.

Create a Password

Xona CSG Administrator enters an initial password for the new user, then clicks “Change Password”, then clicks “Save”.

Note, the “User Agent” field is now populated.

Using Chrome browser, a first-time user logs in to the XONA Clientless Secure Gateway [CSG].

The User is prompted to Enroll/Register his U2F YubiKey by inserting it and then touching it. Note, this is not a fingerprint registration.

Once the touch has been completed, the YubiKey Enrollment/Registration is complete..

As directed, the User clicks ‘Authenticate’. This again, prompts him to insert and touch the YubiKey. Note, if YubiKey is already inserted, only a touch is necessary

Insert/Touch ‘XonaUser_1’ is authenticated!