The Technology

Securely access applications from ANY device from a standard web browser.

Zero Client

Renders applications and desktop environments securely through a 2FA authenticated encrypted session accessible through a standard browser from any device.

Adaptive Canvas

Adapts to your device type and expresses the applications to display naturally whether you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


Provides system and application policy control, session based auditing and optional video replay – offering an additional layer of security for highly regulated industries.

Data Protection

All desktop and mobile device apps are kept behind the enterprise firewall within the data center or cloud with granular access policies and advanced monitoring. This ensures sensitive data and applications accessed from desktops, tablets and smartphones are safe.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

CSG provides employees and outside contractors “clientless” browser-based secure access from their personal devices.

Reduce Costs with Simple, Flexible Deployment

CSG enables IT departments to deploy users in 10 minutes, manage access to sensitive applications on any system resource and without client-side software to support.