OT Networks

Use Case
“Forget the myth of the air gap, the OT Network that is completely isolated is history.”
Stefan Woronka, Siemens Director of Industrial Security Services

According to the SANS Institute, recent malware targeting critical infrastructure is on the rise and the U.S. is a top target. Secure access to these systems is crucial since ICS contractors and employees access industrial controls from remote sites using easily-compromised standard tablets and laptops.

Industrial-Strength Secure Application Access for OT Networks

Xona is a browser-based, platform-independent software product that is hardened with 2FA, protocol isolation and encrypted display, as well as user, application and system session control and monitoring to deliver industrial-strength access to critical infrastructure.


Protocol Isolation
Encrypted Display
User and Application Control
Session Video Monitoring


Clientless Browswer-Based
Adaptive Access from ANY Device


10-Minute End-User Install

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