XONA Critical System Gateway (CSG) Datasheet

Secure user access to critical infrastructure assets and systems – from anywhere.

As the world’s first zero-trust remote operations platform for critical infrastructure, industry-leading organizations around the world in energy, oil & gas, manufacturing and government trust XONA to ensure simple and secure access to their operational technology from anywhere.

Delivering Unmatched Zero-Trust Secure User Access Without Disruptions

The XONA Critical System Gateway (CSG) is purpose-built to provide frictionless and compliant user access
to critical infrastructure (CI) and operational technology (OT) assets. XONA enables simple and secure
remote operations to these CI and OT assets while protecting them from cyber threats posed by a distributed workforce including third parties. The CSG allows users to quickly connect and manage critical infrastructure assets and systems from anywhere at any time.

Enabling Secure Remote Operations

The XONA CSG brings secure remote operations to operational technology and other critical infrastructure
assets while reducing the dependency on less secure, complex, and outdated legacy technologies such as
VPNs and Jump Servers.

XONA is trusted by leaders in the chemical, energy, food & beverage, government, industrial machinery,
manufacturing, oil & gas, renewables, and transportation industries.

Accomplishing Scalable Secure User Access

The XONA platform has integrated a zero-trust framework comprised of multi-factor authentication, user-to-asset access controls, protocol isolation, user session analytics, and automatic video recording. XONA is the single, secure portal to the cyber-physical world enabling critical operations to happen from anywhere at any time with total confidence and trust.

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ROAM Capabilities Datasheet

The XONA Remote Operations Access Manager (ROAM) provides enterprise visibility and control of all XONA Critical System Gateways (CSGs) in the OT Enterprise Network. In addition, ROAM can aggregate all CSG logs and user access recordings for further user access analysis of OT assets.


ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Standards Datasheet

The ISA/IEC 62443 set of security requirements is an expansive yet flexible framework to address and mitigate current and future security vulnerabilities in industrial automation and control systems (IACSs). The standards are applicable to all critical infrastructure industry sectors and cover a wide range of topics from terminology, concepts, and models to security technologies for IACS, and much more.

XONA provides security capabilities to meet the requirements of the 62443 standards pertaining to access control, identification and authentication control, use control, data confidentiality, and least privilege. XONA utilizes protocol and system isolation, encrypted display, multi-factor authentication, session logging, and recording of user access to support this compliance, thus securing against cybersecurity risks.

This datasheet highlights how XONA provides compliance for these security requirements.


NERC-CIP Compliance Datasheet

Meeting Relevant NERC CIP Cybersecurity Standards with a Simple and Secure OT User Access Platform

XONA has been third-party tested and complies fully with NERC-CIP Cybersecurity Standards 005-5, 007-6, 011-2 and 013-1. XONA utilizes protocol and system isolation, encrypted display, multi-factor authentication as well as session logging and recording of user access to support this compliance, securing against cybersecurity risks.


The XONA platform supports requirements for controls over Interactive Remote Access to cyber assets.


Remote Vendor Management Datasheet

XONA develops and markets an Operational Technology (OT) user access software platform to specifically address secure remote operations, mobile operations and OT Cybersecurity (i.e., ransomware). The XONA OT remote operations platform is currently used across multiple industry segments such as: aluminum and chemical manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation and distribution, solar, hydroelectric and wind power. XONA supports customers in every region globally, including North and South America, EU, Middle East and Asia.


XONA employs a holistic and frictionless zero-trust approach for vendors and other third parties to authenticate and connect to OT assets.


Global Customer Support Program

Now more than ever, organizations like yours must have the ability to access critical operational technology remotely and securely—anytime, anywhere, and from any device. XONA is the trusted partner that industry-leading organizations worldwide turn to for Zero Trust OT control and intelligent analytics for their critical operational technology. XONA provides a trusted user access solution for a changing world.

At XONA, we back up our world-class technology with a Global Customer Support Program designed to help your organization optimize its operational outcomes. Our customer support offerings are as reliable and trustworthy as our Critical System Gateway solution. Whether via the 24×7 Online Support Portal, email communications or phone calls with product support experts, or dedicated service from a Technical Support Manager, XONA is ready to address your specific support needs with accuracy, expertise, timeliness, and professionalism.

Download the datasheet for more details on XONA’s Global Customer Support Program.

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Partner Program

XONA enables zero-trust instant secure access to critical infrastructure from anywhere. We are committed to helping, training, and building strong partnerships to allow our shared customers to flourish.

XONA is a purpose-built OT and critical infrastructure solution that enables partners to solve existing access and liability problems with their customers and third-party vendors. XONA’s install-and-go deployment means customers are provisioned quickly and securely, accessing assets, fleets, facilities, and sites in a few hours. Enjoy considerable value-add capabilities that improve operating efficiencies, offer straightforward centralized management, and aid in cost- effective digital transformation for customers and partners.

Download the datasheet for more details on XONA’s Partner Program.

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