Providing Secure Access to your most sensitive applications should not be complex.


Bad actors, including nefarious nation states, are increasingly attacking OT Networks.  Recently, SFG malware discovered on the networks of a European energy company that created a vulnerable backdoor on targeted industrial control systems which was used to extract data. It even had the potential to shut down the energy grid…And just last year, security researchers uncovered ICS malware dubbed TRITON, that targeted System SIS controllers, an autonomous control system that independently monitors the performance of critical systems.

Finding a way to provide simple, secure access to your critical OT applications is anything but simple.  Most solutions are too complex, too expensive, and too risky.


Let Xona simplify your remote access complexities.

Xona Clientless Adaptive Secure Access (CASA) platform gives your entire business ecosystem— everyone you need to involve—secure, simple, affordable, clientless remote access to your most sensitive applications. This browser-based, platform-independent solution adapts to any device with just a 10-minute end-user install.

Xona CASA combines clientless MFA, protocol isolation, application session monitoring and recording and strong FIPS based encryption to securely deliver access to any business application.  No proprietary software on your laptop or mobile device to deploy and maintain. No need for an IOS client, Android client, Windows client, Mac client and Linux client.