Third Party

Use Case

The Harsh Reality of
Third Party Application Access

A consultant sitting 2,000 miles away from corporate headquarters.

A contractor on her laptop in an airport.

An employee telecommuting from a personal device.

An engineer accessing SCADA system.

This is how the world works.

To do their jobs, each one needs access to critical corporate applications, industrial internet of things, sensitive and critical information in manufacturing, transportation and utilities or PII information in case management systems, accounting, HR, etc…

Enterprises have employed stringent controls for employees using corporate owned devices but visibility and control over application access from 3rd party and BYOD devices is sorely lacking.

Why Xona?


Hardened virtual appliance
Encrypted database, 2-factor authentication. Provides system and application policy control, session-based auditing and optional video replay.

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10-minute end-user install
no proprietary plug-ins or backend architecture and works with your existing systems.

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Adaptive Canvas
Adapts to your device type and expresses the applications to display naturally whether you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Secure BYOD
Renders applications and desktop environments securely through encrypted sessions accessible through a standard browser from any device.

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Xona Redefines Application Access Visibility and Control

Xona’s Clientless Secure Gateway (CSG) is a browser-based solution that adapts to any device through its Adaptive Canvas.  Xona’s CSG uses protocol isolation and encrypted display to securely deliver access to any business application.

No proprietary software on your laptop or mobile device to deploy and maintain. No need for an IOS client, Android client, Windows client, Mac client, and Linux client. No headaches.

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