One Solution for Many Challenges

Thanks to Xona’s secure, clientless platform, it can be deployed anywhere for any sensitive application. Companies in a variety of industries like utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing and government have found that Xona solves their remote access needs.

Just a few examples of how Xona can work for your business include:

  • Secure access to SCADA and other critical applications and systems
  • Remote HMI to tablet or laptop for increasing operational efficiency
  • Simple closed loop multi-factor authentication for remote site industrial controls
  • Increase remote site user access visibility and control
  • Moderated unidirectional and bidirectional secure file transfer for sensitive critical system files

Use Cases


Energy is fundamental and critical to our daily lives, and Industrial Control Systems are interwoven throughout the energy industry. Xona reduces risk and increases efficiency when it comes to remote access of those systems.

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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas relies on thousands of Industrial Control Systems, from upstream oil fields to midstream pipelines all the way to downstream delivery to power generation facilities. The Xona platform simplifies secure, remote access for oil and gas companies.

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Modern manufacturing is largely automated, dependent upon Industrial Control Systems to more efficiently produce goods, from food to medicine to automobiles to faucets. Introducing Xona into operations provides better visibility and control of ICS through secure remote access.

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Federal, state and local government operations are heavily dependent on Industrial Control Systems. Remote access to this critical infrastructure is highly valuable, and Xona’s platform provides that access while reducing risk and cost for our government.

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