Reduced Risk and Increased Efficiency for the Energy Industry

Energy is fundamental and critical to our daily lives. Our modern civilization depends on power generation for our businesses and homes as well as our transportation and communications. Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are interwoven through thousands of remote power generation, transmission and distribution sites with interfaces in the form of Engineering Workstations, SCADA applications and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for engineers and technicians to investigate and calibrate control systems.

The calibration of ICS must be done at not only central operations but also many remote sites, which are often in very remote areas. It is costly to energy companies to send someone onsite to investigate a problem. In addition, these control system investigations and calibrations are generally a manual process – many times requiring two engineers, one to monitor control system and one to do calibrations. This lack of visibility and control is not only inefficient but in certain cases could affect public safety.

How Xona Meets These Challenges

The Xona zero-trust platform allows the control system interface, such as a HMI or SCADA application, to move with the user, making operations more efficient and reducing costs associated with manual processes.

Many of these ICS interfaces use antiquated, unpatched systems. Xona also reduces risk associated with access by providing better visibility and control through its zero-trust access platform.

In addition, Xona meets stringent compliance objectives such as NERC CIP and NIST 800-53 by addressing key features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), intermediate system for network and protocol isolation, as well as session logging and recording.

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Use Cases


Energy is fundamental and critical to our daily lives, and Industrial Control Systems are interwoven throughout the energy industry. Xona reduces risk and increases efficiency when it comes to remote access of those systems.

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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas relies on thousands of Industrial Control Systems, from upstream oil fields to midstream pipelines all the way to downstream delivery to power generation facilities. The Xona platform simplifies secure, remote access for oil and gas companies.

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Modern manufacturing is largely automated, dependent upon Industrial Control Systems to more efficiently produce goods, from food to medicine to automobiles to faucets. Introducing Xona into operations provides better visibility and control of ICS through secure remote access.

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Federal, state and local government operations are heavily dependent on Industrial Control Systems. Remote access to this critical infrastructure is highly valuable, and Xona’s platform provides that access while reducing risk and cost for our government.

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