Xona Begins Implementation at a Major Utility (Use Case)

The Problem

Recently, one of the largest major utilities distributors in North America was looking to upgrade their efficiency and security to match the changing landscape of operational security. More specifically, they were looking for a way to replace their old paper-recording methods of calibration and decided that their new solution had to be lightweight, wireless, and, most importantly, secure. Access to their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) needed to be airtight and protected. This meant the implementation of certain features such as two factor authentication, no data-at-rest on endpoint, and strict role-based application visibility and control.

Traditional solutions like Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and Application Control with bastion hosts or firewalls required too much infrastructure or were too complex for local gate station access.

The Solution

This major utility eventually decided that Xona’s platform met all of its needs, including:

  • Modern Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Yubikeys
  • Encrypted TLS browser-based display of VNC, RDP, and SSH protocols
  • Application access visibility
  • Session logging and screen recording

All of these were implemented and installed with a lightweight, din rail mounted appliance and used to access an HMI and a pump. Also included was Xona’s ROAM platform, which allowed for access management and video screen encoding for forensics, predictive analyses, and training.

The Results

Xona provided this important major utility with a zero trust solution for accessing its Industrial Internet of Things. In addition, Xona’s clientless, browser-based platform increased productivity by allowing utility workers and contractors secure access to the gate station technology via their laptop or tablet.