Third Party and OT Application Access is Highly Essential

Xona has designed a solution that provides secure, simple and highly flexible adaptive access visibility and control for operational technology (OT) and third parties. Other solutions – including MFA, VPN/VDI, and Jump Servers designed for secure access from a desktop or laptop to enterprise applications – have become too costly, inflexible and complex to deploy with today’s modern mobile devices, cloud applications and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Secure Access is a Challenge

Enterprises struggle to enable third party access to critical systems and applications that meshes with the requirements of endpoint client software. In addition, operational technology employees and contractors need to control, monitor and automate the activities of an increasingly interconnected Industrial Control Systems and the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Today, both the enterprise IT and OT world require access to these types of applications from both mobile devices and laptops. In addition, the advent of cloud applications and IIoT requires a simpler, more secure and cost effective approach for providing critical infrastructure access.

Xona is the Solution You Need

Xona gives your entire business ecosystem—everyone you need to involve—secure, simple, affordable, clientless access to critical infrastructure systems and applications.

This browser-based, platform-independent solution adapts to any device with just a 10-minute end-user install. Xona provides a hardened appliance that uses protocol isolation and encrypted display to securely deliver critical system and application access.

No proprietary software on your laptop or mobile device is needed to deploy and maintain Xona. No need for an IOS client, Android client, Windows client, Mac client or Linux client. No headaches.

More companies are having data breaches involving third parties.

Studies show almost 60% of organizations have experienced this kind of data breach.
Ponemon Institute September 2017 Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem

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