Xona provides simple and secure access to critical assets

Xona Critical System Gateway (CSG) is a browser-based, hardened platform that uses protocol isolation and encrypted display to securely deliver access to any industrial network.

Xona reduces the attack surface and risk of data loss and prevents unwanted intrusions by securely streaming applications into a standard web browser. The architecture is built from the ground up with hardened components. Xona utilizes protocol isolation and seamlessly converts remoting protocols to encrypted display, which can be presented into any web browser.

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Xona is the World’s First Zero-Trust Platform for the Industrial Internet of Things


Xona meets stringent compliance standards including NERC CIP, ISA 99/62443, HIPAA and NIST 800-53 in regulated industries including energy, finance, healthcare and government. All desktop and mobile device apps are kept behind the enterprise firewall within the data center or cloud with granular access policies and advanced monitoring. This ensures sensitive data and applications accessed from desktops, tablets and smartphones are safe.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Xona combines multi-factor authentication (MFA), FIPS validated encryption, granular system and application access control and video screen recording for deep analytics and forensics. It provides the ultimate data protection, deploys simply anywhere and securely enables your entire business ecosystem.

10-Minute End-User Install

With Xona, IT departments can deploy users in 10 minutes, manage access to sensitive applications on any system resource and eliminate client-side software needing support.

Clientless and Browser Based

Xona provides employees, vendors and other contractors secure, clientless, browser-based access from their personal devices without compromising privacy. Xona does not require any agents or clients on your desktop, laptop or mobile device to deploy and maintain, and it addresses a broad range of use cases based on role or device.

Cost Effective

Xona is cost effective thanks to our simple, flexible deployment and architecture. By removing the need to maintain software and replacing it with our browser-based access, long-term costs are also reduced.

Moderated Secure File Transfer

Xona provides granular unidirectional or bidirectional moderated file transfer based on contextual authorized access to micro-segmented connected systems or applications. Xona ensures that each file transfer for each authorized connection to a critical application is approved by an administrator or supervisor before the file can be transferred.  In addition, Xona uses a SHA-256 hash to ensure the integrity of the file before it can be approved for transfer.

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