Centralized Administrative Control Over Remote Site Gateways

The Xona Remote Operations Access Manager (ROAM) provides centralized administrative control over remote site gateways (CSGs). ROAM provides a simple dashboard view of all CSGs online and offline, as well as CSG-managed and trusted system connection by each isolated protocol session.

How ROAM Works

Visibility & Control

ROAM additionally offers an operational module for visibility and control of remote site operations.

User Session Screen Recordings

ROAM offers granular user, gateway and application connection policy control.  ROAM aggregates logs and user session screen recordings into a centralized repository from all connected CSGs.

Activity Reports

ROAM offers granular session activity reports by user or gateway which can be clicked through by activity or saved to pdf file.

Seamless Integration

ROAM integrates seamlessly with your Security Operations Center (SOC) through Security Information Event Mangers (SIEMS) such as Splunk, HP, IBM, McAfee, etc. ROAM is designed to be the user, gateway and system policy orchestrator for your operations technology (OT) Network.

See Xona ROAM in action.

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