Simple and Secure Remote Access
to Industrial Network Applications

“Zero Trust” Visibility and Control for your Hyperconnected Business Ecosystem

Secure Access to OT and Sensitive Business Applications from Any Device is a Challenge

Enterprises struggle to enable contractor access to applications due to requirement of endpoint client software and an access methodology not in sync with 3rd party organizations.  In addition, Operational Technology (OT) employees and contractors need to control, monitor and automate the activities of increasingly interconnected Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – which often utilize outdated operating systems and insecure protocols.  Today, both Enterprise IT and OT world require access to these types of applications from both mobile devices and laptops.  In addition, the advent of cloud applications and IoT requires a simpler and more adaptive approach for providing application access.

Why Choose Xona?

The Most Secure. The Most Simple. The Most Flexible.

Hardened virtual appliance
Encrypted database, 2-factor authentication

10-minute end-user install
The time it takes for IT to configure remote Xona on external user

Clientless and browser based
Clientless Access means no sensitive data-at-rest on ANY device (massively reducing the attack surface)

Adaptive access
on-prem or SaaS

Means you can view on any device and keep the layout as you have intended without any external input

Data Breaches caused by third-party Access are on the Rise!

“56% of respondents confirm that their organizations experienced a data breach caused by one of their vendors, an increase of 7% over the last year.”

Ponemon Institute September 2017, Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem

Simplifying the Complexities
of Secure Application Access

XONA Clientless Adaptive Secure Access Platform

A browser-based, platform-independent solution that adapts to your environment.

CSG Zero Client
Renders applications and desktop environments securely through encrypted session accessible through a standard browser from any device
CSG Adaptive Canvas
Adapts to your device type and expresses the applications to display naturally whether you have a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
CSG Director
Provides session based auditing and optional video replay. Provides additional layer of security for highiy regulated industries

Use Cases

OT Networks

OT Networks, including SCADA and Industrial IoT, are at risk. According to the SANS Institute, recent malware targeting critical infrastructure is on the rise and the U.S. is a top target.
Xona gives your entire ICS employee and contractor ecosystem industrial-strength secure application access for OT Networks.

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Third Party

Business today depends on integrating third parties and external players into your process. To do their jobs, each one needs remote access to critical corporate applications. IT organizations struggle to enable contractor access because they are too hard to set up. Too confusing to use. Too expensive. Too risky. Until now.

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Xona empowers financial institutions to offer a simple, compliant and secure application access solution for their consultants and customers which shields against advanced cyber threats while meeting compliance mandates (SOX) for both their employees as well as consumers.

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Deliver secure FIPS 140-2 compliant as well as enable third-party contractors and customers to access highly sensitive applications and data.

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