XONA for the Oil and Gas Industry

Simple. Secure. Compliant.

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Gain easy, efficient operational access to oil and gas industrial control systems (ICS) regardless of protocol.

From upstream oil fields to midstream pipelines to downstream facilities, industrial control systems are the backbone of the oil and gas industry. XONA enables you to protect existing control systems and other industrial assets with proprietary protocol isolation and zero-trust architecture that provide complete operational visibility and control of assets across expansive geographic locations, including most remote rural and offshore drilling sites.



Enable users to operate HMIs and other assets outside of the control room while simultaneously performing maintenance and calibration tasks


Meet stringent compliance standards, including IEC 62443 and NIST


Maintain strong zero-trust security through token-based, multi-factor authentication, granular asset authorization, VDI, protocol isolation and full user access logging and session recording

Flexibility & Mobility

Offer operational access to users anytime, anywhere on any device—with no need for agents or clients—so your control system interface, such as SCADA or HMI applications, moves with your technicians


Eliminate cyber risks and enhance public safety by maintaining a 360-degree view across all remote sites


Minimize operational and training issues by recording user control process activities

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