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OT:ICEFALL: Addressing Operational Technology Equipment Flaws with Zero-Trust Controls

A new report on Operational Technology (OT) equipment flaws from automated cybersecurity software company Forescout outlines the alarming state of OT security. The report titled OT:ICEFALL was...


“Pipedream” Malware Targets ICS: What Critical Infrastructure Owners Need to Know

Troubling new malware designed to facilitate attacks on a wide array of critical infrastructure – from oil refineries and power plants, to water utilities and factories – is raising concerns for...


Understanding ISA/IEC 62443 Standards for Industrial Networks, OT, and Critical Systems

There are many significant technology-enabled changes taking place in industrial environments today. Smart factories and Industry 4.0. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The convergence of...


US Officials Warn – Heightened Risk of Ransomware Attacks on Municipal Utilities

U.S. Critical Infrastructure must guard against malicious ransomware attacks by implementing standards-based encryption and multi-factor authentication at all access points to OT assets  U.S....


“Shields Up” Strategy – the New Reality for U.S. Critical Infrastructure

US Government urges US Critical Infrastructure owners to harden their systems and implement a “shields up” strategy.  As tensions escalate, Russian cyberattacks could seek to disrupt US...


The Ideal Simple and Secure Connection Solution for OT Remote Access

Industrial companies worldwide are adopting capabilities that allow for remote operations. The pandemic has led companies to consider how they can reduce an onsite workforce while continuing with...