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Understanding the Unique Challenges of Securing OT Systems in 2022

As industrial organizations continue to embrace change by leveraging the latest technologies into their daily operations and production cycles, they have also been tasked with embracing remote and...


Consequential, Certain & Disruptive: 3 Cybersecurity Risks that Will Impact Operations in 2022

2021 was a challenging year for manufacturers, energy producers, and utilities. A chaotic pandemic year created an opportunity for threat actors to take advantage of disruption to infrastructure...


Getting to Resilience

When I turned 7, I got my first BMX bike. Of course, within a week my best friend and I built a ramp with plywood and cinderblock. I remember the first jump vividly. I sped down the street like a...


The Colonial Pipeline Incident Fallout and Building Zero-Trust

Colonial is an archetype of critical infrastructure. Back in March, a hacking group known as DarkSide began a campaign on Colonial Pipeline’s IT network and billing systems. On May 7th, Colonial...


Taking an IT-Focused Approach to Securing OT Remote Operations at Municipal Utilities May be Risking Lives

The Oldsmar, Florida, water breach is two months behind us, but the lessons learned will continue to reverberate for thousands of budget-constrained municipal utilities in North America, as well as...


Cybersecurity & Remote Workers: How to Protect Your Data & OT Infrastructure

As companies increasingly embrace a hybrid workforce and the remote operations capacity that comes with it, it’s vitally important to ensure that access to your organization’s OT systems are...