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Access critical infrastructure simply and flexibly with our zero-trust, cyber-secure platform.

From municipal power plants to federally owned dams, government operations depend heavily on industrial control systems (ICS)—often in extremely remote areas. Whether your ICS is on a naval vessel at sea, a far-flung Army facility, or deep inside the Pentagon, the XONA user access platform enables all types of government entities to quickly and securely access critical infrastructure anytime, anywhere.



Reduce costs by enabling one control room operator to perform multiple remote tasks


Meet even the most stringent compliance standards, including NIST 800-53, FIPS 140-2, and Risk Management Framework (RMF) guidelines


Maintain secure access with strong multi-factor authentication, protocol isolation, granular system and application authorization and encrypted VDI display


Allow your control system interface, such as SCADA or HMI applications, to move with your users anywhere, on any device


User operational access anytime, anywhere, on any device—with no need for agents or clients


Eliminate cyber risks and enhance public safety by maintaining a 360-degree view across all remote sites


Mitigate operational and training issues with session logging and recording.

White Paper

The Case for Zero-Trust Access for the Industrial Internet of Things

The convergence of IT and OT unlocks valuable data from Industrial Control Systems and provides more operational visibility to make better business decisions, but it also provides nefarious actors access into industrial control networks.

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