Mission Secure Enhances Industry-leading Cybersecurity Capacity for a Digital-first Operational Environment

Charlottesville, Virginia – September 15, 2021. Mission Secure, the leading industrial control (ICS) cybersecurity technology company, today announced a strategic partnership with XONA, the developer of a zero-trust user access platform for remote industrial operations, to offer more holistic operational technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions across multiple sectors.

In a pandemic-altered operational landscape, remote operations capacity is increasingly critical to maintaining resiliency, maximizing efficiency and achieving organizational outcomes. However, as IT and OT systems converge, organizations are left exposed to cybersecurity risks that cannot be overcome with traditional IT security solutions. In response, companies need OT-specific cybersecurity features to protect critical infrastructure and company data from threat actors.

Mission Secure provides comprehensive OT security solutions across defense, critical infrastructure and process industries. This partnership enhances their security offerings by introducing zero-trust user access layer to their product offerings, including integrated closed-loop multi-factor authentication (MFA), browser-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), moderated secure file transfer, system connection segmentation and monitoring, protocol isolation and deep user access forensics, all delivered through a single solution.

“Mission Secure is proud to bring XONA’s ‘best-in-class’ solution to our customers,” noted John K. Adams, Mission Secure’s CEO. “Our OT/ICS customers often face challenges with remote access, but the XONA technology adds an important feature set to our Platform-as-a-Service that will bridge the gap between cyber protection and operational efficiency. That’s especially important now as threat actors increasingly turn their attention to vulnerabilities in OT/ICS to avoid the increased security in IT infrastructures.”

“Simple to deploy, zero-trust user access empowers companies to embrace OT remote operations capacity without compromising cybersecurity,” explains XONA CEO, Bill Moore. He adds, “As ransomware and other cybersecurity threats increase in scope, frequency and severity, it’s critical that companies fortify their remote operations to account for a shifting threat landscape. We’re excited to partner with Mission Secure to deliver just those necessary capabilities.”

Together Mission Secure and XONA will offer a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that protects companies as they embrace remote operations.

To learn more about Mission Secure’s OT cybersecurity solutions or to request a demo, visit missionsecure.com.

About Mission Secure

Mission Secure, an OT cybersecurity leader, is setting a new standard in OT cyber-protection stopping OT cyber threats head-on. The Mission Secure Platform backed by 24/7 Managed Services is the first to seamlessly integrate OT visibility, segmentation, protection, threat hunting, and incident response delivering military strength, industrial grade OT protection. With Mission Secure, customers keep critical operations up and running and safe from harm. Learn more at missionsecure.com.

About XONA

XONA provides a simple and secure user access platform for operational technology. XONA’s mission is to enable your organization’s workforce of employees, contractors, consultants, vendors and remote workers to be more productive and more secure while reducing your operational costs. XONA seamlessly and securely enables secure adaptive access to your most critical systems and applications while also reducing operational and cyber risks and increasing operational efficiency. Learn more by visiting xonasystems.com

Originally published September 15, 2021.