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The recent pandemic radically reoriented companies as they empowered remote and hybrid teams to maintain operational continuity in any environment. Moving forward, it is clear that hybrid teams composed of remote and onsite employees will continue to proliferate among utilities. While this presents unique opportunities to curb expenses while boosting certain capabilities, it also presents novel cybersecurity challenges that companies cannot ignore.

Most importantly, according to a survey of 1,726 global energy industry professionals, cybersecurity challenges are amplified as companies connect operational technology (OT) assets to existing IT systems. In other words, engaging and operating infrastructure using OT resources empowers teams to work effectively from anywhere in the world.

However, when not adequately protected, these systems create cybersecurity vulnerabilities that put people, profits and critical resources at risk. In response, companies need to secure their OT remote operations with solutions that produce resiliency, security and affordability.

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