Mitigate the Risk of Ransomware Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure with XONA

XONA Ransomware

Malicious cyber actors are targeting and attacking critical infrastructure, including industrial control systems, at an increasingly rapid pace. Ransomware attacks targeting operational technologies pose both a significant safety and economical threat to organizations and the general public.

Corporate leadership is faced with a dilemma of how to mitigate the exposure to ransomware attacks on OT control systems without impacting operations. Effectively, OT systems need a Zero-Trust, secure operational gateway for user access with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), flexible role and time-based user and vendor access controls as well as full session logging, monitoring and recording.

In this paper, you will learn more about:

  • How to mitigate ransomware attacks on OT control systems without impacting operations
  • The top 5 peer-recommended steps to mitigating attacks against critical infrastructure
  • The wide-ranging benefits of implementing a solution that addresses the 5 recommended steps

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