ANNAPOLIS, Md., August 10, 2020 – XONA, a trusted provider of secure remote user solutions, has signed an agreement with Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business to provide a packaged cybersecurity product suite that allows customers to operate industrial locations securely even when working remotely off-site, helping to ensure business continuity of critical assets.

Nexus Controls will now offer a product suite, with XONA’s Critical Systems Gateway (CSG) and Remote Operations Access Manager (ROAM). The new product suite will integrate XONA’s secure remote access platform into Nexus Controls’ existing Nexus OTArmor™ cybersecurity product portfolio and is complementary to Nexus Controls plant-wide, non-OEM specific, cybersecurity offering for customers across power generation, oil and gas and industrial manufacturing industries. Nexus Controls is a world leader in operational technology cybersecurity protection with decades of proven experience.

“The global pandemic is changing how plant operators manage operations and often, employees are not able to be physically on-site to do their jobs,” says Bill Moore, founder and CEO of XONA. “This new product offering overcomes this challenge for customers by giving them an easy and secure way to do their jobs even when they are not physically on location.”

As a secure “zero-trust” user access platform for critical infrastructure, the suite’s features will include:

The Nexus Controls and XONA product suite provides a secure and optimized environment in this new remote reality. Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business, is a world leader in multiple Turbine and Compressor Controls platforms, Distributed Controls System (DCS) platforms, and industrial cybersecurity.

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