ANNAPOLIS, Md., June 10, 2020 – Xona, a trusted provider of secure OT user access technology, is partnering with GE Digital, a division of General Electric, to help companies effectively adapt to a rapidly evolving remote work environment. The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in an overnight transition to remote work and distributed staffing, limiting the number of on-site employees and forcing many organizations to immediately adjust without compromising operations. To help key stakeholders within organizations get questions answered on the unprecedented need to ensure remote access, continuity, staffing flexibility, security and O&M efficiency for the power industry, Xona and GE will present a one-hour webinar with POWER Magazine on Thursday, June 18, 2020, at 11:00 am ET.

As countries begin lifting stay-at-home restrictions, companies are grappling with the post-pandemic on-site workspace. It’s estimated that 41% of employees are likely to continue working remotely, and social distancing guidelines will radically alter the work environment for those operating on-site. At the same time, companies face the future uncertainty of an omnipresent COVID-19 resurgence coupled with broad economic shifts and disrupted on-site protocols.

Accessibility & Cybersecurity Essential to Remote Operations Management

“While working remotely isn’t a new concept, the scope of new remote worker dynamics is historic. In response, we know that companies have a responsibility to account for many factors, including accessibility, security, and functionality. These three priorities are especially challenging when it comes to operations technology. We are happy to use our collaboration with GE as a model for helping companies to not only meet operations objectives remotely, but to meet these new requirements with a simple, secure and compliant OT-specific user access solution,” notes Bill Moore, founder and CEO of Xona.

Moore adds, “Security and accessibility are often competing interests. Today’s digital landscape demands a better solution that prioritizes both without compromise. To that end, we are proud of the impact that Xona and GE Remote Operations have had on ensuring secure remote access to critical power infrastructure.”

Notably, the webinar highlights how this moment can help companies institute a new, lower-cost operating model that accounts for a distributed workforce. Presenters, including the Xona team and GE Digital operations experts, will review case studies and demonstrate the robust user and security features of Remote Operations and the Xona solution.

Who Should Attend

The webinar is designed for plant managers, operations executives, control engineers, OT cybersecurity personnel, and automation and control managers with a specific emphasis on evolving operational models that offer long-term practical and cost benefits.

Register for the Webinar

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