Secure user access to critical infrastructure assets and systems – from anywhere.

As the world’s first zero-trust remote operations platform for critical infrastructure, industry-leading organizations around the world in energy, oil & gas, manufacturing and government trust XONA to ensure simple and secure access to their operational technology from anywhere.

Delivering Unmatched Zero-Trust Secure User Access Without Disruptions

The XONA Critical System Gateway (CSG) is purpose-built to provide frictionless and compliant user access
to critical infrastructure (CI) and operational technology (OT) assets. XONA enables simple and secure
remote operations to these CI and OT assets while protecting them from cyber threats posed by a distributed workforce including third parties. The CSG allows users to quickly connect and manage critical infrastructure assets and systems from anywhere at any time.

Enabling Secure Remote Operations

The XONA CSG brings secure remote operations to operational technology and other critical infrastructure
assets while reducing the dependency on less secure, complex, and outdated legacy technologies such as
VPNs and Jump Servers.

XONA is trusted by leaders in the chemical, energy, food & beverage, government, industrial machinery,
manufacturing, oil & gas, renewables, and transportation industries.

Accomplishing Scalable Secure User Access

The XONA platform has integrated a zero-trust framework comprised of multi-factor authentication, user-to-asset access controls, protocol isolation, user session analytics, and automatic video recording. XONA is the single, secure portal to the cyber-physical world enabling critical operations to happen from anywhere at any time with total confidence and trust.

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